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Object Name Print, Photographic
Date 1967
Description Tony and Patty Pizzo family photograph, 8.5"x11", 1967. Photograph is a reproduction inkjet print from the original 1967 photograph that was scanned and archived for the Faces and Places project at the Monroe County Historical Society in 2007. Image is of Tony and Patty Pizzo and their children, in a wooded, winter setting. They are standing in a line, oldest to youngest, on a gentle hillside with leaves on the ground and many small to medium-size trees behind them. From right to left are Anthony (Tony) Pizzo with dark hair and wearing a dark overcoat with his left hand in his coat pocket. Next is Patricia Murphy Pizzo (Patty) wearing glasses, a dark scarf around her head and a medium color winter coat with her left arm at her side. Angelo (Andy) Pizzo, has dark hair and is wearing a black overcoat with his left hand in the pocket and his right hand at his waist. Christopher (Chris) is taller than Angelo, has long, thick dark hair and a moustache. Chris is wearing dark-rimmed glasses, a striped sweater and dark trousers and has his left thumb hooked in the pocket of his pants. Sarah is wearing a dark overcoat, has long, dark hair with her right elbow on the shoulder of Julie who is in front of her and has her left hand at her waist. Julie has long, dark hair in thick pigtails (with a small headband around her forehead), is wearing a medium color winter coat with the neckline of a white blouse showing. Julie's right hand is on Timothy's should in front of her and her left hand is in her pocket. Timothy (Rocky) has dark hair, is wearing a dark sweater and what appears to be jeans and he has his right hand on Seth's left shoulder. Dominic (Seth) has short, dark hair, is wearing a light-color sweatshirt with a cartoonish face on it and last is Fiora with dark hair peeking out of her light color jacket hood and her skirt is white or light color.There appears to be a creek in the background.
Accession number 1600.003
Imagefile 001\16000030001.JPG